Monday, November 12, 2007

used to it

things and people are really easy to get used to. after having been together for more than a month or more, you sort of get used to the idea that yeah, some things are better when you're with someone. a person talk to, tease, drink and eat with and text with- the list is endless. yup, you get used to it.
on the other hand, getting used to when they are not there anymore takes a lot more adjustment. its not that you dont see each other personally that makes the relationship fade, there are actually ways to communicate with another person if you really want to; rather, its the lack of effort on the other end that makes a person frustrated. its not that you're asking them to let you know how they are doing every single minute of the day- a couple of mesages at the end of the day would be enough.
as it is, messages become less frequent, phone calls unanswered, special days go unnotice and dates are nothing more than plans broken. slowly, you get used to the idea that you are not aymore one of the other person's priority and surprise of surprises, you cant do anything about it since you both agreed that there were would be no strings attached with what you will have.
a recent research actually presents more scientific data on Einstein's theory that time is relative. true, things are so much easier to get used to when they make you happy and really, time just flies and you can't wait until the next time that you'll be together. However, when the time comes that you have to get "un-use" (for a lack of a better term), time has its way of making you hope, just hoping however pathetic it is, that in the end of seemingly long day, time would again would just fly and the nagging incompleteness that you feel would just fade into the night.

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