Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i think i've got a wake up call from betchie when it comes to drinking.. my drinking.. sabi nya kanina when we were alone that i should stop getting drunk.. (bad trip, di na-save ung ginawa ko kanina, mas feel ko yun eh.... eneweiz, i'll just try to recount it here)
last saturday, we we celebrated boss darwin's birthday.. i dunno, i remember drinking.. not bagenge naman, just lots of it.. i remember being makulita nd everything but apperently, i did some things, again that i should be embarrassed of.. as of the moment, i dont ( or ever want to) remember whatever it is.. knowing betchie, i should heed his advice.. he's a real keeper and i know that he's just looking out for me...
i really be more responsible.. not just with the monster that i become when i drink, but with my finances (especially this), work, career ( if i should have one) and time management and impulses... the day after tomorrow, i'll be turning 21.. as ms. Len pointed out, maturity does not come with age.. but i guess it's high time i start thinking about it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tita Patche
16-Jan-08 2:05 PM

BF: taksil!
Paano ka
Cnong ama?
ang kaibigan
kong c Tano?
C Glen? C Noel?

GF: Tumigil k!
Puro k
kaibigan mo!
kaibigan mo!
bkt wla b
qng frends?

Lesson of the story: Guys, it's not always about you. from the above-mentioned example (nyaks!), more than anything, you should always take into account the other person.. pero seriously, take into heart and mind that in a relationship, there are two people ( or more, but that's another story altogether.. LOL), who in the best sense of the term, should be there for each other.. tipong pag tumawag sya, di mo na kelangan tanungin kung bakit.. just be ready to listen and of course, to tell him/her about what's going on on your life.. it doesnt take much to make a phone call or few messages just so you know how each other is doing..

great day everyone...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

hamon at fountain

hi there ayeene of 2008!

kamusta ka naman bilang indibidwAl? naputukan ka ba? di naman siguro ksi nga nag-tytype ka db? one thing im sure though, tumaba ka na naman.. kelan ka ba naman pumayat? hehe

nga pala noh, antagal mo din sa mindoro, 4 days ka ngang absent db? oh well, keribels lang yun kasi may perks naman ako nakuha... andami ko gifts!! naks, hindi.., bale parang 3 christmas party ang na-aatendan ko.. company, dept at ung bday ni sir aaron.. in other words, "boundary" ang lola mo, sa alak at kasiyahan among other things..

ang galing, nakatanggap ako ng 1K SM GC from GVG... si EPB walang bigay sa kain.., meron pala, ung ham at goldi na galing sa kanilang tatlo.., pero wala ako personally.. ahehehe.. demanding ang lola mo... sa bagay, wala naman akong bigay sa kanya.. eneweiz, i have big plans for my money.. di ko nga alam kung magkakasya.. biruin mong gusto ko ng havainas, plantsa, sapatos, bag, damit among others.. good luck sa pag-ba-budget...

ay congrats!! regular ka na db? go ayeene! pero ewan ko ha, bakit parang wala ung increase ko? tiningnan ko eh, walang pagbbago... galingan mo, wag ka ng umabsent.. pakitang-gilas ka kahit ngaung enero lang..

i guess more than anything, holiday season is the time to recuperate..., sa lahat ng bagay.. makes you think back of the year that was and whether you've been naughty or nice... napapagtanto mo sa sarili mo ung mga priorities mo.., spiritually, family life, people relationships, kung may naipon ka ba at kung tama ang desisyon ng mga kumare mo na kunin kang ninang...

sa dami ng nangyari sa akin- misadventures or otherwise.., nagpapasalaamt na lang kay Lord na buhay pa ako to enjoy yet another year.. isang malaking good luck sa ating lahat.. dahil sa year of the hare, ok fine, rabbit, diumano ay swerte ako.. dahil sa ang forces of nature and kosmolohiya ay naka-align ng tama, maaaring ang gulong ng palad ko ay nasa taas.. gets? :) pero mas matindi ung sa mga ipinanganak ng year of the tiger, ung sa mga ka-batch ko.., as in nakalgay na ang love life nila ay mamumulaklak just like a rose blooming during the first day of spring.. kumbaga, this is it na!! kaya na-excite tuloy ang mga lola ko.., azz in.. hehehe.. pero talo pa rin sila, kasi nga db, swerte ang year namin sa buhay.., so i guess kasama na rin ung ganun ko.. di ako defensive ha.. tamang nag-mumuni-muni lang..

have a great year ahead ayeene!!! wag maciadong pasaway.. tigilan na ang bisyo.. uy, exag naman.. di naman ako sunog-baga or something.. alam mo na yun, malaki ka na.., dapat sana alam mo na ang fine line between balck at white.., at wag lagi sa gray area.. :) mag-ipon ka, aba, wla ka man lamang pa na proof na kumikita ka na.. bili ka ng palntsa at microwave kung kaya... dapat sana rin marunong ka ng mag-drive before ur 21st Bday, may concert ang maroon5, masya kung may VIP tickets ka para todo na to.., at ang painka-importante sa lahat..., ipakuha ang transcript!!! hehehe.. mahirap maghabol!! kelangan maintindi na yan before january ends ha.. kneis?

Celebrate life.. always... dont ever lose ur sense of wonder.. mga qoutable quotes for the new year.. ;)

Monday, November 12, 2007

used to it

things and people are really easy to get used to. after having been together for more than a month or more, you sort of get used to the idea that yeah, some things are better when you're with someone. a person talk to, tease, drink and eat with and text with- the list is endless. yup, you get used to it.
on the other hand, getting used to when they are not there anymore takes a lot more adjustment. its not that you dont see each other personally that makes the relationship fade, there are actually ways to communicate with another person if you really want to; rather, its the lack of effort on the other end that makes a person frustrated. its not that you're asking them to let you know how they are doing every single minute of the day- a couple of mesages at the end of the day would be enough.
as it is, messages become less frequent, phone calls unanswered, special days go unnotice and dates are nothing more than plans broken. slowly, you get used to the idea that you are not aymore one of the other person's priority and surprise of surprises, you cant do anything about it since you both agreed that there were would be no strings attached with what you will have.
a recent research actually presents more scientific data on Einstein's theory that time is relative. true, things are so much easier to get used to when they make you happy and really, time just flies and you can't wait until the next time that you'll be together. However, when the time comes that you have to get "un-use" (for a lack of a better term), time has its way of making you hope, just hoping however pathetic it is, that in the end of seemingly long day, time would again would just fly and the nagging incompleteness that you feel would just fade into the night.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

sa kadahilanan ng MP3

im so pissed at him right now.. i wont text him from now on, till when, i dont know.. basta , di ko cia ttxt.. actulaly, di ko alam kung magttext naman cia kaya patas lang.. i'll be giving him the cold shoulder, serves him right..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a verdict foretold

as the verdict is read by the Honorable Justices, i can only sigh- one of relief at that. as Ms.Len said, Erap became the sacrificial lamb of Philippine government and justice system. i think that more than anything, Erap's case was one of the most pressing issues that should be rightly put to end. It has been six years since the controversy started.

The reaction of people here in the office is a representative of the Philippine society. some of us were keeping our fingers crossed for a conviction while others were of the contrary belief. as i said, i am relieved since i do believe that is Erap should be held responsible for his actions, notwithstanding his age and former position. definitely, pro-Erap mobs are itching to take the issue to the streets and possibly cause instability in society once again.

i can only hope by finally having a decision that followed the rule of our present institutions, Filipino would learn something. No one is above the law and that our institutions are there to uphold the order for the general society. yes, these institutions may be flawed but on the final note, we, the people should trust and put faith in their capacity to act as they are mandated to.
one lesson i learned from sir Quilop is that people and institutions would not function effectively if they are constantly having the perception that they have to prove themselves.

being critical is one thing, being a jaded cynic is another.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


i feel like crap today.. i dunno, i woke up just fine but in the midst of correcting piles of demand letters, my mood changed. maybe because the tempearture in the area was hotter than the usual, the fact that i cannnot connect to friendster, no text message of any kind from him, my hair suddenly decided to annoy me.. i guess, this is just one of those days. .. sigh.. the only entertaining event that took place this morning was when Dionne came over and talked to Atty. it was about a movie that he saw reagrding the legal basis of mercy killing. i think. anyway, i think atty., was a bit surprised but being he's accomodating self, he talked to him like they were old friends. reallly nice of him, actually. I think people here in the company finds him intimidating at first, but when they get to talk him, they find him really nice.
is atty., dissatisfied with my work? i think so. ewan ko ba but im not really in the zone these days. the routine bores the patience out of me, the piling workload annoys me and the things and events that happens around me just doesnt make sense anymore. dunno. i should get out more often. wala naman akong pera. hayyy....