Sunday, September 9, 2007


i feel like crap today.. i dunno, i woke up just fine but in the midst of correcting piles of demand letters, my mood changed. maybe because the tempearture in the area was hotter than the usual, the fact that i cannnot connect to friendster, no text message of any kind from him, my hair suddenly decided to annoy me.. i guess, this is just one of those days. .. sigh.. the only entertaining event that took place this morning was when Dionne came over and talked to Atty. it was about a movie that he saw reagrding the legal basis of mercy killing. i think. anyway, i think atty., was a bit surprised but being he's accomodating self, he talked to him like they were old friends. reallly nice of him, actually. I think people here in the company finds him intimidating at first, but when they get to talk him, they find him really nice.
is atty., dissatisfied with my work? i think so. ewan ko ba but im not really in the zone these days. the routine bores the patience out of me, the piling workload annoys me and the things and events that happens around me just doesnt make sense anymore. dunno. i should get out more often. wala naman akong pera. hayyy....

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