Monday, August 13, 2007

sa aking paglalayag

i left my house at around 7 am. usually, im in the office at around 8 am. not today.

it all started because i am so caught up with the book that i was reading. it was really good and my logic was not really working during the ride. When i thought i was already at the Buendia, what i heard was Boni station. so i didnt get off. as it stopped at the next stop, which on my mind is supposedly Guadalupe, lo and behold, it was AYALA station. OH-Kay. so i missed my station, no of a deal, i could always find my waY BACK TO world Centre. Easy enough task i thought, besides i had plenty of time.

Piece of cake? well, not really. as i am really not good at directions, i had my misadventure of the day first thing in the morning. Good thing, people are really nice. Like the jeepney driver from Washington, he let me rode thejeepney all the way around since surprise, surprise, i was in the wrong way. or the guy, who greeted me "good morning" as i was crossing the street. ang ganda ko.. hehe. or the manong from ayala, he pointed me in the direction for the correct ride, but i was really just spaced out.

the thing is, i should have looked around and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Makati as i was cruising it. But you know what? that book has got me really hooked. i read it eveery few paragraphs as much as i can. the only reason im doing this now is for documentation purposes. LOL..

the moral of the story? alwaya, ALWAYS look at the stops. The signboards screaming the names of the stations arer there for a reason.

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