Tuesday, August 7, 2007

its this time of the month

august 8 db? hmmm.....
yun na..
it was another round of vices last night. it was kuya christian's son's birthday and as predicted, it wasnt a children's party. LOL. i did get my share of alcohol, laughs, teases, jokes among others. yes, i was tipsy, the alcohol just keeps on coming and who am i to refuse it. i didn't do anything scandalous last night.. I think. wonder what they're going to ridicule me about today.
One thing i have to say though, people belonging at the Legal Department are really talented. give them a guitar and in a few minutes, everybody turns into a Philippine idol. Pano na lang kung may videoke pa? scary.
I'm glad Lery came last night. Untapped potential no more. Also, more taxi buddies to come home with. speaking of taxis, what i said to richard was really mortifying. Really. I shouldnt have done that. i cant blame the alcohol, the fish or whatever. Nope, it really was just my own undoing.

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