Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a verdict foretold

as the verdict is read by the Honorable Justices, i can only sigh- one of relief at that. as Ms.Len said, Erap became the sacrificial lamb of Philippine government and justice system. i think that more than anything, Erap's case was one of the most pressing issues that should be rightly put to end. It has been six years since the controversy started.

The reaction of people here in the office is a representative of the Philippine society. some of us were keeping our fingers crossed for a conviction while others were of the contrary belief. as i said, i am relieved since i do believe that is Erap should be held responsible for his actions, notwithstanding his age and former position. definitely, pro-Erap mobs are itching to take the issue to the streets and possibly cause instability in society once again.

i can only hope by finally having a decision that followed the rule of our present institutions, Filipino would learn something. No one is above the law and that our institutions are there to uphold the order for the general society. yes, these institutions may be flawed but on the final note, we, the people should trust and put faith in their capacity to act as they are mandated to.
one lesson i learned from sir Quilop is that people and institutions would not function effectively if they are constantly having the perception that they have to prove themselves.

being critical is one thing, being a jaded cynic is another.

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