Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i think i've got a wake up call from betchie when it comes to drinking.. my drinking.. sabi nya kanina when we were alone that i should stop getting drunk.. (bad trip, di na-save ung ginawa ko kanina, mas feel ko yun eh.... eneweiz, i'll just try to recount it here)
last saturday, we we celebrated boss darwin's birthday.. i dunno, i remember drinking.. not bagenge naman, just lots of it.. i remember being makulita nd everything but apperently, i did some things, again that i should be embarrassed of.. as of the moment, i dont ( or ever want to) remember whatever it is.. knowing betchie, i should heed his advice.. he's a real keeper and i know that he's just looking out for me...
i really be more responsible.. not just with the monster that i become when i drink, but with my finances (especially this), work, career ( if i should have one) and time management and impulses... the day after tomorrow, i'll be turning 21.. as ms. Len pointed out, maturity does not come with age.. but i guess it's high time i start thinking about it.

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