Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tita Patche
16-Jan-08 2:05 PM

BF: taksil!
Paano ka
Cnong ama?
ang kaibigan
kong c Tano?
C Glen? C Noel?

GF: Tumigil k!
Puro k
kaibigan mo!
kaibigan mo!
bkt wla b
qng frends?

Lesson of the story: Guys, it's not always about you. from the above-mentioned example (nyaks!), more than anything, you should always take into account the other person.. pero seriously, take into heart and mind that in a relationship, there are two people ( or more, but that's another story altogether.. LOL), who in the best sense of the term, should be there for each other.. tipong pag tumawag sya, di mo na kelangan tanungin kung bakit.. just be ready to listen and of course, to tell him/her about what's going on on your life.. it doesnt take much to make a phone call or few messages just so you know how each other is doing..

great day everyone...

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