Sunday, June 3, 2007

what's up?!?

I just rejected my first job offer. Hmmmm... What to make of it? I really don’t know. It’s just that I felt that it wasn’t the right job for me, especially when it was Ma’am Jing, the interviewee who really made me think hard if I should accept the job offer or not. In the end, I did the latter. Considering all things, it was actually a risky decision that I made. After more than a month of bumming and still living off in my parents’ and sisters’ account, well, it’s embarrassing. Yup. Being a bum, isn’t much fun when you have too much of it. Be careful what you wish for…, so true. Anyway, my applications are still pending in the other companies I applied to. I hope that I’ll be considered for the position in the INNerworx company, primarily of logistical criteria. LOL.

Anyway, what I’ve been doing all in the past few days? Well, I’ve been to Batangas to celebrate ‘fiesta’ with Glen’s Family. Ehem, sabit much?! Harhar. I also went to Megamall today for the job fair with two friends. Not that I have anything against call centers, its just that I would like to be my first job to be related, even in the slightest to what the degree that I earned. And oh, I also had my first Lotto experience. For a bet of P10.00, I wish to win almost a 100 million. I’m actually keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that beginner’s luck would be on my side.

I’ve also read a new book, I mean, new to me. I actually haven’t read anything new in the past months. I’m now in the middle of Henry James’ “The Portrait of a Lady”, a really good book. I also had mixed emotions upon browsing books at Powerbooks and listening record at Tower records. Thre are just a lot of great boks and record out there. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. If I were to rob an establishment, I would probably rob a bookstore. ( hey, stop it with the eye-rolling.. harhar)

What else, “crash and burn”, “smothered”, “scorched”, you know what I mean. Never give a damn, never again. Im not angry, I just feel nothing for him, that’s good.

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