Monday, July 16, 2007


Bits and Pieces

Last night was great- just had my first drinking session with officemates. As they were all men, you’d expect the usual ruckus- sexcapades, women, jokes, the works. You’d think Aya and I would be out-of-place... so not! Magaling talaga kami makisama eh.. LOL. I just hoped that they enjoyed our company also. It would be assuming of me to guarantee that right now. After we left, they probably talked about us. A post-evaluation, one might say.. J

I didn’t know how many bottles I had actually. I wasn’t taking any tabs since I’m not footing the bills. Libre, pare. May pantaxi pa nga eh.. ayus. Ok, so maybe I was tipsy, drunk even, whatever. Kuya Yo is probably nursing a few bruises this morning. I really should stop hitting people when I’m drunk. LOL.

Aya just arrived, the first thing she did was tell people. Great. Aya talaga…, adik,..

Another thing, im broke. As I always ask myself, how can someone be broke when I have no funds to speak of. But I am, im broke. I have to think of a good excuse for Nanay as to where the money she sent me was spent./ hmm.. but be a good lie.. LOL.

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