Monday, July 16, 2007


Today is just one heck of a day. I’m so darned sleepy. Really, really sleepy. Ok, so maybe staying up until the wee hours of the morning was not the best idea (oh, now you know that ayeene?!, seriously?!), but hey what was a girl supposed to do? LOL!!

Hmm. Rundown of the day:
Deposited my first check! Ok, so it was not from my account, nor is it going to my account but I was the one who did the bank transactions. So there. J
Demand letters just kept on coming, but at least I had the excuse to roam around the different departments.
My forsaken space in the corner is freakin’ cold. Its arctic, antartic whatever out there. No wonder, my “sebo” really has a slim chance of getting better.
Ate breakfast at mcdo with he-who-must –not-be-named.. weeehhhh… met up some classmates, doing their proposals. Thank God, I looked halfway decent this morning. I miss UP. Really do. For a moment there, I wished really that I could change places with them.
for the first time in days, did not tune in to the morning rush with chico and del. U feel im nearing my “deaf stage” with that headset stuck to me all day long at the top volume.

Sa kabilang dako, naway hindi ako hinahanap ni boss sa segundong ito. Akoy nagpaapkahusay pa dito. Ang lupet tlaga ng mami elvie’s problematic show, the best..
Ariel: (to mami): HU U?
Mami: Hu me? SUPER TWINS!!!
Ang potah!! Yun na!!
Pumasok na nga pala si Kena, kasi nga db nagkasakit cia? Trangkaso.. regular na cia, ang galing…

HP5 the movie premiers today. La akong pera. Kainis!! Hope that money would come in time so that I could reserve my copy of the last book. Cant wait!!

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