Monday, July 16, 2007

"pagsisisi sa huli...." --- so true

July 14, 2007

Andito ako ngaun sa ofis, malamang… kasi my pasok.. eneweiz, un nga, dahil idle moments ngaun, sa Monday pa ung filing ng HLURB. Mahusay. Yun nga, idle nga, bakit ba? Wala rin akong internet connection kaya para mukang busy, gumagawa ako ng entry sa bits and pieces.

Andami celebration ngaun.. bday ni atty.carla, regular na sui kena,, ansaya2..


July 16, 2007

So here’s the deal, I exactly have 1500 in my account. When I told Ate I was planning to splurge on harry potter 7, she freaked. And that was over the phone, mind you. “hindi ka marunong mag-prioritize!! “ well, no argument there. I really must know how to prioritize, must being the operative word here. I want Bob Ong’s new book, MAC ART TUR.. is that correct? Whatever.. ok, so its new to me. I heard it was released a while ago. I really want harry!!! Geez!! I really do!! As of the momenmt, I am cursing every forsaken moment on which I spent my hard-earned money.. hard-earned in a sense that I had to persuade people to give me money!! I WANT harry!! Oh yes, it was done with whining. LOL. Shit!! This is what I get for being such a jerk-off. Damn!!

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