Thursday, May 24, 2007


A once read a message that said that the neurons (or something) of a human brain is (somehow) connected to other people’s brain cells, chances are if you think or remember a person, the other person is thinking about you too.

I don’t know if this is scientifically-conclusive, but assuming this is true, I do have one favor to ask of you. Would you please stop thinking of me?

Just so you know I am trying my best not to think of you. Know what? I am doing great. I am busy with other things, people and stuff. I don’t even have the time to think of myself, let alone you. But it really pisses me off that until now when a text message comes from you I just lose it. I backslide into the person that I swore I would never be again. I feel suddenly elated and somehow, I just have to text you back, hoping that we’ll somehow have a conversation. But, just as I learned the hard way, another message from you is next to impossible.

Did you that I was feeling crap today and that I needed a friend? Did you know that I was just about to watch the movie that we were supposed to see together? Did you know that you asking about tope was just about the most insensitive thing you could have done? All these questions rushed into my head as I received a text from you some time late in the afternoon today.

I am not supposed to be missing you today, nor even think about you. Not ever. As I said, I’ve been ‘successful’ but when jump on me like that, well... Worse yet, there are those moments that I am doing something completely different but then I see or hear something, and instantly, thoughts of you would come flooding to my mind. And then I miss you. Then I despise myself for missing you. Finally, I cry because I just feel so helpless, confused, bitter and guilty all at the same time.

I hope you’re happy. I feel like crap and I know you don’t. Life is just too dandy for you. I don’t know what triggers my memory in you, probably something trivial or maybe, when you have nothing else important to do. I don’t want to know.

Please don’t think of me again.

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